Rise of Volcoff

Adventure in the Lands of Gabriel

Numair Salmalin and Allen read through The Four Elemental Brothers and realized Tordek was more than likely possesed by the fire demon Calcifer. Numair Salmalin spent the night reading through the rest of the book and in the morning the party set off in their caravan. The caravan traveled through the Green Jungle. While minding his own beeswax creating a scroll, Shiranui was shot in the shoulder with an arrow! The party spotted a large ogre standing in the middle of the road and two of their horses were shot down with arrows. The party had ventured into the Land of Gabriel and were told by disembodied voices to turn and take a different path but after some reasoning the voices told them they had been given permission to venture further. The caravan followed the ogre until it sank into the ground and short hooded figures dropped out of nearby trees each carrying bows. They are taken down into a city of Kobolds all following the rule of an old human who confirms to the party that the amulet is real and gives them directions to the dungeon where Gabriel lies guarding the amulet. They are told multiple times by multiple people they will definitely not survive the ordeal. They rested outside the dungeon and the next morning read the door which said, " In order to reach Gabriel’s shackles, only the brave may pass our trials" Grol knocks on the door 10 times and the door opens. Shiranui lights a torch and the party enters the dark abyssssssss! They enter the dungeon and come upon two paths and a placard that informs the party that one path leads to death and the other leads to death by Gabriel. Shamandalie and Crystal are sent to the left path and come upon a room with three doors. They then go down the right path and and set off a tripwire falling into a pit killing the weasel. R.I.P Shamandalie. The party ventured down the left path and Shiranui immediately opened the center door revealing a flesh golem which fell prone. Numair created a wall of fire dealing damage and slowing the golem eventually felling the beast! They then opened the left and right doors. To the right was a hallway and to the left was a staircase heading down. The Crystal, Grol, Lorg, Shiranui, and Numair head down the hallway. The ground beneath them drops and Grol, Shiranui, and Numair fall down a a pit knocking Shiranui unconscious while Lorg jumps to the other side of the hole. Numair sends Crystal up the side of the pit with rope and Lorg jumped clear over the pit. Meanwhile Grol notices something stirring down in the pit with them. Lorg, and Allen jump down the slide of doom to reach their less fortunate comrades using Shiranui as a cushion. Numair created a wall of fire revealing two Wyverns who flew up and started their aerial assault. Numair damaged one of the Wyvern’s charisma forcing it to become comatose falling on Shiranui. The remaining Wyvern was finally bested by a raging Grol.



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