Rise of Volcoff

At War With Ourselves

The group wakes up Grol and he demands they track down Lorg who teleported out of the town. Numair cast a divination spell to try and discern where Lorg was. They found out that Lorg had been kidnapped and was in the vatican witch was north east was the dragon valley. Allen set on fire and flew through the cave, and ended up in the resistance town. The party gathered together at the town and Shiranui informed the guards about the burning town. After grabbing some supplies they headed through another cave and popped out in the vampire beach. They run into a vampire, surprise surprise, and proceed to beat the vampire into DEATH! Unfortunately, Tordek and Grol were dominated by the vampire. Fortunately Allen the Powerful, also known as Allen the Bad-Ass, knocked the already weakened Grol the Enraged, also known as Grol the Jerk-Wad, out with a solid punch. Soon after the party knocked Tordek the Drunken, also known as Tordek the Mighty, down like a dog. Meanwhile, Numair the Wise, also known as Numair the “Not Evil”, trapped the vampire’s gaseous form in a construct box.



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