Rise of Volcoff

Fetch Quests FTW!

The party rested inside of a portal created by Numair in order to regain their strength. They then entered a door leading into a room with a suit of armor chained to a throne attached to demonic looking pillars. The armor soon revealed itself to be Gabriel and the amulet of confinement was inside of his soul. The only way to free the amulet was to kill him. Gabriel told the party he would help them if they could break the chains that bind him. The only way to break the chains was to reclaim a missing piece of his armor from the Queen of Dragons. Gabriel offered them some form of assistance if they brought him his son, the human leader of the Cult of Gabriel. The party ventured back through the dungeon to retrieve Gabriel’s son. When they came across the staircase with poisoned darts, Allen dodged the darts like a boss while Tordek tripped flat on his face. When they got back to the cult, the human leader told the party that he would not see his father but offered his son, Issun to go in his stead. As the party ventures back into the dungeon, Issun fails jumping across a pit and falls into the pit previously filled with wyverns. Tordek jumps into the pit after him and spots two wyverns. The rest of the party soon rescues Issun and they enter Gabriel’s chamber. Gabriel then takes Issun and after making Issun go limp, tosses him aside. After warning the party of the dangers of the fire elemental, he then offers the his sword, and after grabbing the hilt, Tordek erupts into flames and the sword and fire seem to battle for control. A spark soon shoots out of Tordek and after pushing Shiranui aside, Allen attempts to stamp it out. His leg then shoots on fire and disappears, with Allen believing he’s destroyed it. The party then leaves the dungeon and enters the town one last time. The human leader then told the party that he would fight with them against Volcoff when the time came. The party then takes off in their caravan. Allen then introduces himself to Issun who is ravaged by golden ice. Allen announces that Issun is evil and the party then asks whata da hella is goin’ on here?!?! Allen’s right arm then sets on fire and Allen is freaked the crap out. He then hears the voice of Calcifur in his head and after a bit of an introduction Allen is left feeling dumbfounded. The party decides to keep an eye on Issun and travels to Ghulheim. When they arrive at the gates the city is on fire! Calcifer then gives Allen a temporary right arm made of fire and sucked up all of the fire on the gates. Torek then cut through the gate and entered the town. They get into the city hall and find a small army of soldiers all fitted with the seal of Volcoff. Shiranui shoots a fireball into the room and battle begins!!!



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