Rise of Volcoff

Fighting Soldiers That For All We Know, Have Wives and Children

The captain of the soldiers created a magical fog obscuring the group’s vision. There was much battle! Lorg fell under an enchantment and ran out of the battle with Issun cahsing after him. Grol charged into battle and was mauled by the soldiers and was burned by a wall of fire created by Numair. Allen tumbled through the army and knocked the captain unconscious. After the rest of the soldiers were taken out by the party, Issun returned without Lorg. They began interrogating the captain. “Not evil” Numair began using drugs on the captain. Calcifur took over Allen’s body and started taking the captain out but after the party argued with him, he left the building and Allen regained control. After gathering little information from the captain, Numair, Issun, and Shiranui left him in the hall with an addiction to the drug which he would keep taking until he died. Meanwhile, Tordek goes in search of the the dwarf Harry, of Harry’s Big Brass Balls. You know the one. When he reaches the store Tordek finds that Harry is alive and well and after sharing his recent adventure, Harry gives Tordek magical armor! Hoorah!



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