Rise of Volcoff

In which we realize Eye Patch is a total asshole

After resting, the group buries Allen and makes their way to Jason’s camp. When they approach the camp they are warned not to make any hostile actions and continue in to the camp. They arrive in the castle and are shown to Jason. There Jason demands to see the evidence the party has been carrying for him. It is a hand with a ring on the finger and the burned in mark of Volcoff. Jason vows to have his merry men fight in the resistance if they venture to to elvenlands an rescue his daughter. He also sends along a gunslinger named Kain to accompany them. Kain is given a medallion by Jason’s son that is to be used to call on his aid. The group is given a teleportation rock that will take them to the elvenlands and back. They are teleported outside of a the castle city. Unfortunately only Shiranui is of the Elven persuasion. Numair created a house in the forest as a safe haven that Tordek and Jasper stayed in. Numair also made disguises and they went to the castle to speak with the king after learning that Jason’s daughter was Kain’s fiance. The king denied having Jason’s daughter though he was obviously scared and made a gesture to indicate he needed help from one of Volcoff’s Admirals who stood behind him. The group then met up with the guards who told the group they couldn’t risk openly going against Volcoff but would not impede them either. Kain then called in Jason’s son and three big guys. They made a plan for Shiranui, Numair, and Kain to distract the Admiral while Jason’s son and the big guys went to the dungeon to rescue his sister. When Numair destroyed the wall to the castle, the Admiral unleashed the power of an earth elemental and created a rock wall. Numair and Allen teleported inside past the wall while Shiranui flew up to a window. The admiral then summoned three earth elementals though they were easily taken down when Delta and the boys busted in while our three heroes went to the dungeon and rescued Jason’s daughter. The Admiral then destroyed the back wall of the castle and disappeared vowing vengeance! Delta squad then took Jason’s daughter and teleported back to Jason. The group then took the stone teleporter back to Jason’s and Jason swore allegiance to the resistance and sent Kain along with them as a show of good faith. The group then traveled back through the riot city which was more or less in ruins and took the portal back to the resistance base. They then met with the council minus Eye Patch who basically gave the group a pat on the back and sent them away. The group then met with Eye Patch in a shady alleyway and gave the group information on the crown’s whereabouts. The crown is located in the dragon queen’s treasury and Eye Patch gave the group robes to disguise as dragon disciples to try and sneak in and steal the crown. They then went and traded the magical items they found and traded them for items of the same quality only in their size. They then put on the disciple robes and take a portal to the dragon lands. They venture toward the inner haven running into other dragon disciples who guide them to the haven. They travel into the dragon queen’s lair and spot the crown. Shiranui basically tells the queen that Garbiel is weakened and planning on killing her which enrages her and she takes the group in her hand but not before they steal the crown like sneak-thieves. The queen then confronts Gabriel when Numair shoots the crown at Gabriel releasing him from his bonds and a battle of epic proportions takes place which leaves the queen injured and Gabriel swears his loyalty to the cause. They then return to the council who are angry that they released Gabriel and send them away. Eye Patch then runs into the group and explains that the council is too afraid to do what needs to be done and he has cut off ties with them. He sends the, back to resistance hq and the group then decides to go on a shopping spreeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Unfortunately they were mostly broke so it was less of a spree and more of a penny pinching shopping excursion. Eye Patch then sends them to the vampire lands to collect a sword that is capable of defeating the son of light. When they arrive at the vampire mansion they speak with the vamprie lord who tells the group where to find the sword and then kills himself. Shiranui finds an envelope on his ashes which tells the tragic tale of how the vampire lord screwed up big time. The party then ventures down the beach toward the sword. They notice in the ocean there are ships with Volcoff’s insignia. They enter the shack and delve into the catacombs where they find a burned vampire who tells them the sword is in the middle of three coffins. They opened the coffin and inside was the corpse of a cleric and THE SWORD!!!! They took the sword and gave it to Tordek then left the shack. Outside the ships had gotten extremely close to land and elephants were approaching from the south. Shiranui cast invisibility on the group and they tried walking around them but the elephants arced toward them. The elephant riders asked what their intentions were in the vampire lands and when the party told them they simply wanted to leave, the elephant party let them go their merry way. On their way to the portal the saw more elephants and one particular group that were attacking a house of vampires. The party made it back to the resistance portal after three days and waited for Eye Patch to contact them.



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