Rise of Volcoff

Near death in Dark Places

The group rested in an extra-dimensional plane and decided to split up. Allen, Shiranui, and Lorg went to test the three doors across from the pit while Grol, Numair, and Tordek went down the staircase. Shiranui, Allen, and Lorg opened the first door and found a room filled with magical darkness that couldn’t be penetrated with light. The next door had a hole leading down a slide and Allen threw Numair’s pretentious Crystal down the hole. The third room had a Warforged Construct which Allen and Shiranui dispatched with ease. Shiranui then decided to go into the dark room and was locked inside. He tried to run around the room to figure out how large it was and in doing so lost track of where the door was. The room then began filling with water as Shiranui tried casting lighting bolts around the room while Allen tried breaking down the door. After a very climatic and nerve wrecking ordeal, Allen finally thrust his middle finger in death’s face by breaking the door and releasing a wave of water and Shiranui. Lorg immediately healed Shiranui and Shiranui decided to cast a flight spell on himself and ventured down the hole. Meanwhile, Grol, Numair, and Tordek ventured down the staircase. After proceeding down the stairs the door behind them closed and locked and they were struck by poisoned darts. After racing down the hallway they came across a large room filled with urns as the door behind them locked. In front of them laid a large door with three keyholes. Numair created a wall of sonic energy to attack the door. Shiranui popped out of the hole into the large room followed soon by Allen and Lorg. The door crumbled beneath the sonic assault revealing a winged demon woman! She spoke in a language only Numair understood and after trying and failing to reason with her, she drew her sword and SHIT. WENT. DOWN! The demon grappled Grol and flew into the air. Numair gave Allen and Tordek the ability to fly and they took to the skies! The demon tried to drop Grol but he latched onto her leg. Unfortunately he couldn’t hold on and tumbled like a grade A pro. The demon summoned three demon minions on the ground floor below her as Tordek and Allen fought her in the sky. Allen managed to trip the demon and struck her to the ground where she died of a broken heart at never having been kissed. Poor her. Meanwhile Grol smiled with glee at having something to hit. Numair became greedy and took the demon’s longbow midway through the battle. The party eventually bested the three demons and to avoid showing his true evil, Numair gave the bow to Shiranui. And there was looting galore!



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