Rise of Volcoff

This is all Numair's fault

Shiranui casts invisibility on himself and Allen and they take to the roofs toward the church while Tordek and Shiranui navigate through the rioting streets toward the church. The group enters the church and Allen is accused by a low voiced woman of starting the riots and causing the death of her husband. Not wanting more trouble, Numair creates bandages to cover Allen’s face. The group enters the catacombs after being warned of a douchebag Cleric of Volcoff that cursed the catacombs for some douchebag reason. As they entered the catacombs a they are met by a booming voice that demands the groups intentions. When he learns of their non-allegiance to Volcoff the fight is on as he emerges from around the corner and reveals his form, a mini-Volcoff, or Minicoff. The fiendish human was quite strong and eventually it bested the monk Allen and struck him dead with his flail. After a lengthy battle in which priests and monks of the church were also killed, the party eventually bested the beast. Numair created a coffin and placed Allen’s body inside it and also grabbed the armor from the Minicoff. The party were shown the way out of the catacombs and traveled onward to find Jason and his merry men.



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