The god that rules of the land


Name: Volcoff
Race: God (Pit Lord)
Class: God
Born: Unknown
Alignment: LE
Description: Muscular red human torso, connected to a black horse like body with four legs, has a demon like face with tusks and if armored he wears pure black armor and tusk décor and always carries his flail. Stands about 12 ft. normally, but can changes size and shape at will. Fiery red eyes. No Hair. Has a scar that goes across his chest from his left shoulder to the right of his waste.

Relationships: Has no parents, or spouse. When he gained his layer of the nine hells, he created three sons, first he took some of the mithril that scattered the land and shaped it in to the figure of an armored man and named it Heredzal and put him in charge of the metal of his land, next he looked up into the sky and saw that his land needed a source of light, so he bashed two rocks together and from the sparks formed a man and Volcoff named him Celbet, but for the last son he wanted something of his own flesh, so Volcoff dug his nails deep into his left shoulder and ripped the flesh al the why down to the right of his waist from there he formed a man in his own image from his own flesh and blood.
Volcoff being a Lawful Evil God has many enemies; most notable is Pelor and any followers of him. Any that go against his teaching is also the enemy of Volcoff; also many evil gods find him to powerful and go against him.

Teachings: Volcoff is god of Self Gain, he is a lawful evil god, those who follow his teaching believe that all things should earned by on self and that giving to the weak and poor makes you weak. His favored weapon is a flail.

Volcoff’s Rise: No one truly knows how Volcoff raised to power; he first appeared as the major general of the Pit lords roaming around the nine hells. After proving himself to Asmodeus, (the over lord of the nine hells), he gave Volcoff a layer of the nine hells. Volcoff rose to power quickly and gained many followers both in the nine hells and on the mortal Plain. Volcoff soon gained the power of a great Deity and was respected and envied by the other gods.

Fall of Volcoff: After ruling his layer in the nine hells for over several thousand years, Volcoff had made enemies with several good gods, but the most notable one was his hatred for Pelor. After years of paladins of Pelor and Volcoff battling numerous wars and no great outcome from the battles, Volcoff decided to attack Pelor directly and summoned all his followers that where in the nine hells and prepared for war. When Asmodeus heard what Volcoff was about to do he set out to tell him not to, because of the power Pelor possessed, but he was intercepted by the other gods in the nine hells and was told not to warn Volcoff. The other gods told Asmodeus that Volcoff was becoming to powerful and was a danger to them all, and that if he attacked Pelor and lost Volcoff would lose power and would no longer be a threat to them. Because of this Asmodeus did not warn Volcoff and thus Volcoff set off to attack Pelor with his army. The battle will later be known as the one of shortest bloodiest wars in the history of gods. The war lasted only sixty years and in those sixty years Volcoff lost over half his troops but with a ratio of one of Volcoff’s soldiers to five of Pelor’s. Near the end of the war Volcoff challenged Pelor to a duel to finish the war, none but Volcoff and Pelor knows what happened in their dual for when Pelor accepted the challenge both deities vanished from the realm. All anyone knows was that soon after, Volcoff reappeared on the battle field cheering and telling his men that they had won the war and it was time to go home. Soon after Volcoff left Pelor’s realm (Elysium), Pelor reappeared on his throne, silent. Volcoff unfortunately did not receive as big a welcoming home as he had hoped; when he came to his castle he found that Asmodeus, Tiamat, the Chromatic Dragon, and Kurtulmak, God of Kobolds where awaiting his arrival, at first he thought they were there to congratulate him, but when he saw the sad face upon Asmodeus’ face he knew this was not good. Asmodeus told Volcoff that he was sorry that it had to come to this, but that Volcoff had become to powerful and he was now a threat and he was banishing Volcoff from this realm. Volcoff’s first reaction was to revolt, to send his army against them but he remembered that his army was extremely weakened and also that fighting Asmodeus would go against his teachings, for Asmodeus was his superior and he always taught to follow ones superior no matter the orders. Asmodeus told him that there was a way to get his old place back in the nine hells, and that was by turning the mortal realm into a hell itself, he also told Volcoff that once every ten years he was allowed to come back to visit his old land. Volcoff turned to Asmodeus and said “I will do as you say, but consider this my last job under your leadership because, after I take over the mortal realm I will come back here but not to the position I was before no, when I come back I am going to take your throne, and I will punish all those who had a part in my banishment.” With that Volcoff set out to the mortal realm, along with his 3 sons and a few devoted followers.


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