Rise of Volcoff

Lions, Dinos, and Bears! Oh my!

The adventurers ventured forth into the jungle and soon stumbled upon a bear, lion, and a T-rex. Unfortunately the party failed to notice the dinosaur and rammed the caravan into the T-rex, killing two of their horses and flinging Shiranui, Grol, and Allen out of the Caravan with Shiranui landing at the T-rex’s feet. Allen and an enraged Grol slayed the lion after both taking a fair share of damage. Shiranui was swallowed whole by the dino and Numair damaged it’s charisma forcing it to become comatose. Numair forced the T-rex into the future in an effort to give Shiranui time for us to save him. The bear in an act of bad-assery mauled Allen and grappled him. Grol in an act of douche-baggery missed hitting the bear and cut off Allen’s right arm. Tordek decapitated the bear finishing the beast off. The group readied themselves as the T-Rex reappeared in front of them. Suddenly fire bursted forth from Tordek and melts the belly of the T-Rex. After Shiranui exited the T-rex the group tried to confront Tordek but he didn’t believe that there had been any flames. After moving the corpses the group set out again to find the encampment. They came across five hooded men who showed them the secret entrance to the encampment, Deepwood. There they were told the way to get to the Amulet of Confinement and gathered supplies for the journey. Shiranui went to the library for scroll supplies while Numair and Allen look for information on Tordeks condition. Numair finds a book called The Four Elemental Brothers.



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