Rise of Volcoff

The fall of Grol

The party found the camp of mercenary men of merriment. They met with the leader of the mercenaries, Jason, who told them that Lorg had been taken to a prison. After resting at the camp, the party entered the prison to find Lorg. After fighting through guards the group found out that the leader of the prison, Lex, was actually hated by the guards and they were allowed to pass through if they promised to kill Lex. The group managed to find Lex’s office where they found a map of the complex and Allen found a parakeet. They then found Lorg who embraced his brotha in a bromantic hug that would make even the most cynical of men weep. They then ventured further into the prison and found Lex in his room. Behind them was the prison’s Golem, above them was an air elemental and in front of them was Lex. Lex told the party that Lorg was merely bait and that an army was headed toward the prison. Also that the parakeet was in fact a gnome! Cray-Cray! Our brave party managed to defeat the not bald-headed Lex and his accomplices in lame! Afterwards they found a locked box in Lex’s office and proceeded to head toward the entrance. When they neared the entrance the parakeet turned back into a gnome, although he still believed himself to be a parakeet.Unfortunately, outside of the entrance was an army of at least 300 filled with units on gryphons, Herdezal, and a giant water elemental. Numair teleported the group out of the prison to the top of the canyon where they found a nuber of gryphons. Grol jumped onto one of the gryphons and started fighting. Calcifer created a wall of fire while most of the party escaped, though Allen and Lorg stayed to make sure Grol made it. When Calcifer lowered the wall, Allen and Lorg saw Grol get impaled with a lance and fall down the canyon. Lorg jumped after him while Allen peered over the edge. Allen saw that Grol’s body had been placed into a wagon while Lorg hid under the wagon. Allen followed the army while the rest of the party made camp and decided to go after their lost comrades. The army soon came upon another army of different allegiance, all of which were female, bearing banners of Helga, an ex-follower of Volcoff. The two armies then fought while Allen and Lorg looked through the wagons for Grol. The army of women soon defeated the Volcoff fotmen and after a brief conversation, the leader of the Helga army decided to allow Allen and Lorg to have an audience with Helga. Allen and Lorg then buried Grol at the bottom of the canyon and were then transported to a marsh. Meanwhile, the rest of the party raced back to the canyon and followed the tracks of the army to find the remains of the battle and Grol’s grave. In the marsh was a small hut where Helga lived where only those who do not have evil in their hearts may enter. Unfortunately, when Allen entered, Helga told him that it was not the time for them to meet and she could not offer any help to the resistance at this time. As Allen left the hut, the leader of the Helga army told him that Lorg had run off. As Allen tried to follow him he felt a hand on his shoulder and was teleported back to the canyon in front of the rest of the party. They then returned to the resistance base and checked in with Eye-Patch General. After explaining what they needed to do to get Gabriel’s amulet and what happened to Lorg and Grol, General sent the party to go find Jason and his merry men and Allen leaves the Gnome in the hands of the General to deliver to the Elven Lands.



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